Our Stairlifts

The Aylesbury Lift Co are a registered trade dealer for Brooks stairlifts and all engineers have attended the companies training course, as such we are able to order the custom lift that is able to best suit our customers needs, whether you need a powered option on your lift for the footrest or the swivel seat, or if there’s a doorway that needs the clearance of a powered hinge, we can order the lift that is designed just for you.

What’s more, we can get the lift delivered on an urgent request with all the personalised modifications if you need the lift fitted as soon as possible, so a loved one can return home as soon as they are ready, without the worry of how they are going to get upstairs.

We are also able to carry out site surveys for curved stairlifts, where we can take measurements for a custom made rail to suit the shape of your staircase and then after a short period, we can have the rail specially made and shipped to your address.

Aylesbury Lifts are also pleased to offer reconditioned and rental stairlift options for people who are on a tighter budget, we are fully committed to trying to provide mobility solutions for anyone who needs one.


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