Stairlift Rental

If you are looking for a more flexible short term option, Aylesbury lifts are also pleased to offer rental options for the straight stairlifts, if you have an ailment or injury, then this may be the perfect option for you. Prices start from £35 per month with no minimum rental contract.

There is an initial installation charge of £299, then the stairlift as a rental will be fully covered by Aylesbury Lifts should it need any parts or labour, so you have complete peace of mind with the rental stairlift.

If you change your mind during the first 12 months after the installation and you decide that you would like to purchase the stairlift, it can be purchased any time at the original sale price, if you decide to purchase the lift in the first 6 months, then the rental payments will be taken into account, when calculating the final fee for the stairlift.

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